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CowgirlMall.com's 12 Days of Christmas
The First Day of ChristmasThe Second Day of ChristmasThe Third Day of ChristmasThe Fourth Day of Christmas
The Fifth Day of ChristmasThe Sixth Day of ChristmasThe Seventh Day of ChristmasThe Eighth Day of Christmas
The Nineth Day of ChristmasThe Tenth Day of ChristmasThe Eleventh Day of ChristmasThe Twelfth Day of Christmas

It's CowgirlMall.com's 12 Days of Christmas!

From December 14, 2010 - December 25, 2010, CowgirlMall.com will be giving away products that have been donated from of our great sponsors. We want to spoil our fans at CowgirlMall.com and our generous sponsors have allowing us to do just that! We have around $900 in products awaiting twelve lucky fans!


How it Works

Each token above is numbered and represents one of the 12 Days of Christmas. When the date on the token arrives, we will reveal the prize and highlight the vendor that gave it, starting with Tuesday, December 14, 2010.


How to Win

At 6:00 am central time, we will reveal the token of the day.
1. Click on the token - it will take you to our facebook page
2. Write your name under the prize - You may not write someone else's name.

3. Get as many people as you can to "like" your name

4. The person with the most "likes" at 10:00 pm central time wins!

Note: You must be a fan of Cowgirl Mall in order to post or "like" a comment. If your name is posted twice, we will count the one with the highest likes, we will NOT combine them. In the event of a tie, the person who posted first will be the winner. You may not win more then one day, but you may "like" others and help them win.


Some of the tokens have bonus prizes! You must be signed up for CowgirlMall.com's mailing list to win the bonus prize. No, we don't sell your information.

*Bonus Prize Note:
We will use the email(s) listed on your personal facebook account to check against our mailing list. If you signed up for our newsletter under a different email address, you have 24 hours to let us know which email address is correct. If your email address is not public information on facebook (viewable to non-friends), you have 24 hours to notify us at info@cowgirlmall.com with the correct email address.


Join Our Mailing List



The First Day of Christmas


Our first day of Christmas is over and it started out with a bang!
We had a tie between Casey Lorenze-Barpness and Caitie Roach. Each of them will receive Western Horseman's "Charmayne James on Barrel Racing" book. Unfortunately, Catie was not on our mailing list and didn't qualify to win the bonus prize. However, Casey Lorenze-Barpness was on our mailing list and did win the bonus prize! Seventeenflat.com was so generous with a donation of their original pop-up barrel set!

Total prize package of $207.89!


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The Second Day of Christmas

The second day of Christmas is over! I mean over :-(
Thank you Lather & Lace Bath House - Iron Tough Spirit * Satin Smooth Skin. They offered up a package of their Dew Drop-In bath tablets! Isn't that a clever name! Dew Drop-In...yes, I couldn't resist a drop in my tub, so I decided to purchase the tablets and our winner, Lorena Waldner may now choose her very own scent to try! Now that you know Lather & Lace, no more stinkin' excuses for all that dry or smelly skin!


Total prize package of $14


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The Third Day of Christmas

Our Third Day of Christmas came to us from MeBootz.com! Today's winner, Malissa Anderson had 62 likes!! Malissa now gets to pick out her very own pair of MeBootz and style them with her choice of faux fur sleeves!

It was love at first sight when we spotted these boots at the NFR! We even got to do a video blog with the owner of the company! See video below.


Total prize package of $74.99


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Fourth Day of Christmas


Lorena Waldner (with 24 likes) & Linda Raub (with 20 likes) will both win our 4th Day of Christmas prize!! After the first day I made the rule that you can't win more than once, I got caught up in the excitement and forgot that rule! Because it was my bad, Cowgirl Mall will purchase one of these excellent Barranada blouses for the "second place" winner also!

Congrats to both of you!


Barranada clothing products have set the standard in the equestrian world with a sense of beauty and classic styling for the sophisticated customer with an eye for quality clothing. Wear the Barranada brand and become part of a tradition!


Total prize package of $160.00

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Fifth Day of Christmas


Paula Gauthier is the winner of our Fifth Day of Christmas. She will soon be relaxing and smelling so good in her Cowgirl Mud body lotion and spray! Purchase these products at www.Teskeys.com.


Total prize package of $30.00

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Sixth Day of Christmas


Kayla Webster is not only the winner of our Sixth Day of Christmas military hat, but she gets the BONUS prize also! (for being on our mailing list) Our bonus prize comes from MeBootz.com. Kayla may pick out her very own pair of boots with faux fur sleeves!Thank you MeBootz!! The blingin military cap can be purchased at PursesAndSuchStuff.com


Total prize package of $16.00 + 74.99 = $90.99

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Seventh Day of Christmas


Judy Ruff wins our Seventh Day of Christmas with 27 likes!! She will be designing her very own custom t-shirt with Cowgirl I Candy!


Cowgirl I Candy's slogan pretty much says it all, "Custom Designed Apparel for the Cowgirl at Heart". Custom apparel items make great gifts, keepsakes, advertising and awards! Cowgirl I Candy also offers ready made designs that are discipline specific, so be sure to check those out also!


Total prize package of $25-up (price depends on order)

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Eighth Day of Christmas


On our Eighth Day of Christmas we had a $25 gift certificate to The Cowboy Junkie! Jeni Spang took home the win with 22 likes!!! This was also a bonus round with a custom painted bronc halter up for grabs, valued at $95! Unfortunately, Jeni wasn't on the Cowgirl Mall newsletter/mailing list to earn that bonus prize - shoot!


Total prize package of $120

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Nineth Day of Christmas


Kaylee Waldner (90 likes), takes home the beautiful prints from Mallory Beinborn of www.ImpulsePhotographyMB.com! This was also a bonus round and since Kaylee was also on CowgirlMall.com's mailing list she also wins a $50 gift card from Impulse Photography!!! That's not all...Mallory at Impulse Photography, saw how tight the race was and decided to give Emily Fuller (our second place winner) a $50 gift card also!!! Remember to thank her for her kindness! (write it on Impulse Photography's wall :-)


Total prize package of $155 ($205 with the second place gift certificate)

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Tenth Day of Christmas


Jackie Kincaid is the winner of our 10th Day of Christmas! She has won a pair of MeBootz for her daughter Brittney! It was also a bonus round and Jackie also won Pure Illumination light-up lip gloss from My Tiara Fits! Maybe Brittney will let her mother have the Pure Illumination light-up lip gloss for all the hard work :-)


Total prize package of $92.99 ($74.99/MeBootz $18/lip gloss)

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Eleventh Day of Christmas


Sadie Simmons is our winner with 41 likes!!
Thank you www.ElusiveCowgirl.com for our 11th Day of Christmas! Check out these crystal concho sunglasses!!! Valued at $59.99! Elusive Cowgirl also has my favorite section on their site, Cowgirl Pistol Shirts!


Total prize package of $59.99


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Twelfth Day of Christmas


On our Twelfth Day of Christmas, we were honored to give everyone a FREE download of www.StephanieQuayle.com's "Rodeo Life", along with that beautiful www.LuansLeathers.com headstall!!


Chelsea Tanner with 161 "likes" takes home the Luans Leather's headstall and Stephanie Quayle album!! We had a tough race going. Other top contenders were Ashley Barnum with 141 likes and Elly Sneath with 119 likes!


Total prize package of $235

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