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January 22, 2011

Heated Underwear!?!

I don't know what I would have done without my long underwear this week! I've been stuck here in the midwest and it's COLD! I'm talking -11°, not including wind chill. I'm the type of person that once I'm cold, I can't shake it. I have to accept that I will be chilled to the bone for hours....or do I?


While roaming the internet last night I found a these undergarments made by X-BIONIC. Could they be the answer that all of us freeze babies are looking for? While on their website I learned that 29 National and Olympic teams around the world use their product and if that's not enough, in the past year they have sold over 18 million pairs of socks in Europe alone!
X-BIONIC Underwear
It looks like a super hero costume, but could this sleek outfit actually save us from the bitter cold winter? Potentially, yes. I say "potentially" because I have not tried their products personally. I have however, been on their site for a few hours, reading, watching videos and getting a grasp on on the theory behind the construction of this wonder garment.


X-BIONIC makes it clear that they want sweat to work for our body. They say core body temperature is key, "As proven in to cutting-edge new research from Professor Joch of the world-renowned University of Sport Science in Dortmund, Germany, up to 97% of your body's metabolic energy is used to maintain core body temperature, leaving only 3% for performance."


"In other words, we sweat for a reason. Six million years of evolution have created the most effective system known for cooling the body. Sweat works, as long as a thin layer of liquid sweat it is in contact with your body. But as soon as you "wick" that sweat away from your body, the cooling stops. Your core temperature actually rises. Then your body has to sweat more to try to compensate, so you dehydrate further - and your performance suffers." Makes sense to me. Now how does that keep us warm in the winter?


X-BIONIC uses many technologies to help stabilize body temperature. They also use what's called IOS Pads. "In winter, targeted insulation of individual body parts against ambient coldness can prevent the body from getting cold. This is why ISO Pads over the hipbones and the finer ISO Pads‚ on the buttocks retain body heat that is necessary to guarantee interior organ functionality."


Another words, through their research they have studied the areas of the body that are more and less prone to heat loss and retention, took that information and built their garments accordingly.

This high performance clothing line unfortunately, doesn't come cheap. The pants in the photo will set you back $235, the top cost $270 and the sox $55.


If you own or have used these products, please drop me an email with your thoughts @ cowgirlmall@gmail.com. Thanks!

Here's an interesting video from Sports Science:


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January 9, 2011

Drinks, Dancin & Bull Ridin

We were at an APHA show in Oklahoma City when January 1, 2011 came around. At first I was sad that I wouldn't be able to attend a Mad Men themed party hosted by a girlfriend at home, but quickly my attention turned to Club Rodeo in Oklahoma City. My friend Laura and I were sitting in the truck and we heard an advertisement for Club Rodeo's new years eve party - it included LIVE bull riding! Have you ever heard of or been to a bar that welcomed these rank and smelly beasts? (I'm talking about the bulls, not the guys ;-) There were way too many logistics in this whole thing, so we had to go and check it out!


Here is a short video of how popular this place was!

It didn't smell, the music was great, the drinks were affordable, the layout of the bar was nice, decor western (obviously) and they had a table when you came in where you could grab a new year's hat, noise maker and leis! Another cool feature was the balloons in the ceiling that fell at midnight! Club Rodeo didn't stop there...after you left the party, food was available at a concession stand outside! (We didn't get any so I can't tell you how good it was.) Kudos to Club Rodeo for making things fun and catering to their customer!


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January 5, 2011

It's A Funky New Year

I think this next company is the perfect way to roll into 2011. It's funky, spunky, sassy, brassy, bold and brave! This fun new company is known as Gypsy Tails.

Gypsy Tails - Colored Hair Extensions for your horse!
If you can't gather what this product is from the logo, let me explain. Gypsy Tails are colored hair extensions for your equine friend! This is one of the neatest accessories I can think of for your horse... it's a way of making your mount a life-size My Little Pony™!


Here are a few color samples:
Gypsy Tail Colors
These hair pieces are available in solid colors, a combination of colors, tie dyed along with custom dyed colors and lengths! Below is one of my favorite pieces with the pink and green together! This particular one is from Runnin C Tack & Supplies.
Gypsy Tail Sample
Here is blue and pink...also from Runnin C Tack & Supplies.
Gypsy Tail Sample


The horse in the photo below is wearing the "Rainbow" set (Featured in Horse & Rider Magazine) and it is the best deal going. You get 15 pieces 3 Hot Pink, 3 Yellow, 3 Blue, 3 Purple,and 3 Lime Green.

Gypsy Tails Rainbow set and Light-up Hair Extensions

Purchase your Gypsy Tails at Runnin C Tack & Supplies, Dynasty Equine or Buckaroo Bay.


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December 19, 2010

The Mom Song

I bet if you showed up to Christmas this year and gave Anita Renfroe's DVD to your mother, you will have the whole crowd entertained and laughing! (Okay, maybe just the ladies.) Here is a sampling of what this funny lady comes up with! Cheers to you hard working moms and keep up the good work! At least pull up this page and play it for your mother!


(I told you I can be pretty random! This lady has a great sense of humor and I like it!)



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December 17, 2010

Trends at the NFR?

I have been asked a few times now about what new fashion trends I saw while at the NFR. I'm going to say hands down, I saw more belts being worn over shirts. I also have to say that I LOVE this for two reasons. The first reason being, that it can make a regular outfit look fancy. It easy to manipulate your look just by how you wear the belt! The second reason being plain and simple, it's slimming. Click here for tips on how to wear your belt.


If you are a belt person, I found an adorable booth at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center who makes a variety of belts. MM Ranchwear was exhibiting for the first time at the NFR. If it wasn't so broke, I would have easily walked away with this pistol belt!
MM Ranch Wear Pistol Belt

Their belts ranged from $180-200. She has a ton of different styles, looks and combinations on her site, www.MMRanchwear.com. I applaud Meredith Mack (owner), for the time she's invested into her products and product photos! Everything about the company seemed very detailed and well thought out. Here are a few more quick pics as we were in a hurry and couldn't chat much.

MM Ranch Wear Hand Made Belts

(Told you I would post this one...man, who I didn't catch your name! I guess we are pretty random and will photograph any willing subject! It's our nature!)

MM Ranchwear Fun


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December 13, 2010

Boots with the fur!

I've been home from the NFR for five days now and I am still on cloud nine with all the latest fashion finds and purchases! The next few days I'll be blogging about them. Let's kick this off with what I'm going to call the next best thing!


I was talking on the phone and walking through the Las Vegas Convention Center and then I saw her boots or should I say MeBootz! You couldn't miss them! Located within The Rhinestone Cowgirl booth was a section dedicated to the latest in fashion accessories!


MeBootz are faux fur sleeve accessories for any style boot. They come in all sorts of colors, lengths, patterns, sizes and can even be outfitted with bling! The Ugg style boots they carry (see photo) will set you back $59.00, the fur tops run $15-$20 and the bling decoration is $30-40 depending on the design. Here's the thing...most of you already own a pair of boots that these would look great on, so for $15-20 you can take boots you already own and give them a totally new look! They are also in a great price point for gift giving. A great price + Cool Factor = Great Success!
MeBootz - Faux fur accessories for your boots!

My girlfriend Mallory and I spent a good thirty minutes in this booth. We tried them on, mixed and matched until we found the perfect combination for our feet. As we packed up our things we made small talk and found out MeBootz owner, Sandra Morgan is from Winona, Minnesota!! Why is that cool? She's only two hours from me and 45min from Mallory!! Small World!!

Here is our Vegas video at the booth!


The world gets even smaller when I step to the other side of the booth and eye up a decked out, rhinestone cowboy hat....Could this be the same one that was highlighted on our local news at the Minnesota State Fair? I remember it because they used it as a highlight on that segment because this rhinestone cowboy hat cost $10,000! I finally ask the man and he confirmed that it is the same hat! View that news segment here!


Our hat video here:


Don Berg and his wife Beverly Hills (that's her real name), travel the country and this $10,000 hat is just one of their claims to fame. This photo highlights another:
Bret Michaels Cowboy Hat from The Rhinestone Cowgirl

They don't have a website or facebook, but I have their phone number so you'll just have to contact me, to contact them. The decoration on the cowboy hats are all hand made using only top quality leathers, stones and studs. Here are some examples of their work:
MeBootz with Matching Cowboy Hat

MeBootz with Custom Cross Bling

That's a wrap for tonight...I have to get ready for the first day of Christmas!


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December 12, 2010

Snow Storm in Minnesota!

What do you do in a snow storm? First, you drive around just to see how bad things are...

Just kidding!! We got groceries and tried to go to the barn....that is until we saw how many cars were in the ditch on a 4 mile stretch! So I've decided to give you all an update on some things.


Montana Silversmiths Trophy Buckle Purse

This purse was made by Montana Silversmiths and can be purchased at the following locations:
Katerina's Treasures & Gold Mountain Trading

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December 11, 2010

Best Dressed NFR Cowgirl?

The ninth grade is when I got my first horse, Kasey May. She was a grade paint mare that was a trail horse, police horse and parade horse. Kasey and I went to a total of maybe six open shows in our four years together. At that time I didn't have a horse for the purpose of showing, I had a horse because it completed me. I had no idea that there was such a thing as breed shows or that people could make a living showing horses. (games or pleasure)


I boarded at my best friend’s house and we did everything you probably shouldn't. I remember having to dismount on our favorite trail down to the creek because it was icy and we didn't want to be on the horses if they were to fall! Another favorite thing of ours was to race through the field as fast as we could, sometimes bareback and sometimes riding double!


What does this have to do with the Best Dressed Cowgirl at the NFR? Well, along with owning a horse comes ownership of their stuff. Stuff like halters, bridles, saddle pads, etc...It's the first time you get to pick the color and look that will represent you and your horse! My color with Kasey May back then was purple. My color with Cookie is pink. My color in western pleasure is what I can afford!


Let’s make this relevant and enter Cookie into the picture. Cookie is my baby doll and what girl doesn't want to dress up a palomino paint! This year I decided to run Cookie at the APHA World Show in barrels and poles. Remember what I said above, about having goals for my horses? Based on training and talent, I didn't set Cookie's goal very high. Cookie is my forever horse and her only job is to be fun! As it turns out, the most fun I have with Cookie is playing dress-up!


I have never cared more about outfits until it comes to showing Cookie! When we ran barrels at the World Show I knew it wasn't going to be the best, but I sure wanted her to look her best, even if it was for game classes! I did have a glitch...I wanted to shop in Fort Worth for my outfit once I got there...well, between my three horses and Mark's three horses, leaving the grounds was impossible. However, my good friends Mallory and Joni were on their way and they happen to know me very well.


When Mallory got my call of distress, (that I didn't have anything to show in) she knew exactly what shirt to get. It is so nice to have friends who can double as personal shoppers! The pink shirt is Mallory's and the belt is Joni's (I have no idea how I squeezed into that one!) Not only did I have the perfect outfit, everything became more meaningful because it was blessed with help from great friends! Here are two photos to show what we ended up with....not to mention our Reserve World Champion Buckle! Go Cookie! (Mallory took these photos for me too!)


Me and Cookie at the World Show


In all seriousness, the high rollin' cowgirls at the NFR had to have gone through the same type of stress thinking about what they were going to wear all ten rounds, on national television!

That's why we are going to reward one of the fifteen cowgirls with CowgirlMall.com's 2010's Best Dressed NFR Cowgirl t-shirt. All ten rounds have been posted on our facebook. To vote for your favorite, all you have to do is "like" the photo in each round. The cowgirl with the most "likes" in each round wins. Voting ends on December 12, 2010 at midnight.
2010's Best Dressed NFR Cowgirl T-Shirt


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December 2, 2010

It Gets Better - Ty Murray

Growing up, you become fans of singers because they produce a great product...music. Then, you grow up, older and wiser things may change a bit and now other things and issues become more important to you. You start to make decisions on who you support and who you don't for other reasons, not just because of a hit song. An example for me would be Jewel and Ty. Jewel has had so many great songs, she's obviously drenched in talent and beautiful to boot. I would be willing to bet Jewel has just as many fans because she is herself. She has an appreciation for life and what this world is. I can only speak for myself when I say, I'm now a stronger, larger, bigger (you name it) fan of Jewel and her husband Ty Murray after watching these two videos. I admire the fact that they are down to earth enough to stop what's going on in their busy lives to make these small videos. These three minutes of their time will give hope to so many. Thank you Jewel and Ty for keeping it real.


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December 1, 2010

Bling Your Mom This Christmas

We all know what an important roll moms play in helping us get ready for showtime, so why not show your mom some appreciation with a "Show Mom" hat from Designs By KarKar! You will not only make her feel important but she will also feel beautiful! You could also get a custom hat with her name, the name of your farm or her favorite horse. Heck, just get one for yourself too! Check out all these and other fun designs at DesignsByKarKar.webs.com
Designs By KarKar Custom Military and Ball CapsDesigns By KarKar Custom Military and Ball Caps
Designs By KarKar Custom Military and Ball Caps
Designs By KarKar Custom Military and Ball Caps Designs By KarKar Custom Military and Ball Caps
Designs By KarKar Custom Military and Ball Caps

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November 25, 2010

Thank you NFR for being in Vegas!

I'm getting a little Las Vegas- NFR fever! I can't wait to see all the cowboys and cowgirls take over sin city! If Vegas could only talk!

If Vegas could talk, it would probably be letting us know about the cool fan gear they're dishing out at ProRodeo.com. You can visit the site to look at the rest of the selections, I had to share with you my favorites. Look at that barrel racing one and tell me no little girl wouldn't move that to their number one shirt! Those hats are calling my name!
2010 NFR Youth Tee from Pro Rodeo Gear Pro Rodeo Gear
2010 NFR Womens Top from Pro Rodeo Gear NFR 2010 Womens Sweatshrit from Pro Rodeo Gear
NFR Pro Rodeo Gear Mend Shirt Pro Rodeo Gear NFR Baby Clothing
NFR Womens Dice Hat PRCA Womens Rodeo Hat

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November 24, 2010

Black Friday Shopping Bags

When you do your Black Friday shopping, don't forget to pick up some western packaging! You will be the envy of the party with these western tooled gift bags! Check out PegasusPaper.com they offer some of the best horse gift wrap and horse gift bags!
Tooled Leather Western Gift Bags

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November 23, 2010

Cowgirl Kim's

I first met Chelsea Schwarz at a horse show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She had the most beautiful jacket sitting out on display...oh yes, this one....

Cowgirl Couture Show Clothing Cowgirl Couture Show Clothing

If I had a horse to show that matched this jacket, it would have been mine...if wasn't taking three horses to the APHA World Show it would have been mine! It was so soft and it fit perfect! She made the sleeves long enough for a tall gal like me! This jacket is offered for sale at $450 and I can tell you that whoever ends up with it, is going to love it!


Chelsea has a ton of talent for crafting her own designs. She attended International Academy of Design in downtown Chicago and received a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design. She now resides in Iowa City where she is following her dream of designing fashionable horse show attire!


If you are looking for a custom look this next show season, give Cowgirl Couture Show Clothing a look.

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November 22, 2010
What do you want cowboy?

The holiday season is upon us and we all have that one (or more - you poor souls) hard to shop for, cowboy in our lives, so I'm going to give you a couple great ideas that they will love!


The first item is a custom leather pillow from TheWesternDiva.com. These are handmade out of high quality soft leathers or suedes. Embelish it with the name of a special horse, a company logo, farm or ranch brand to make it their very own, one of a kind pillow! These pillows add a ton of western charm to any house, lounge or even living quarters trailer. They range in price from $135-$150. Your cowboy will LOVE IT! Order now to get it by Christmas!

The Western Diva Custom Leather Pillow The Western Diva Custom Leather Pillow 2

Nothing says "I'm a cowboy" more then their very own leather flask! Again, from The Western Diva. I picked out two of my favorite flasks on the site, but they have many designs and patterns to choose from and cost $45/each.


The Western Diva Black Ostrich Leather Flask The Western Diva Oak Leaf Leather Flask


You could also get alittle crazy with this one!

The Western Diva Black Ostrich Leather Flask Fireball Cinnamon Whisky


Speaking of getting crazy...pre-fill it with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky! That's a little fun advise from my friend Polly, who let me sip some of this out of her flask at a horse show! It was like Christmas in a bottle!


Now ladies, who's to say the boys get all the fun? Get yourself a flask too!

Here is a $21.95, pink rhinestone flask from HomeWetBar.com

Home Wet Bar - Pink Rhinestone Flask


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November 21, 2010

Cowgirl Kim's

"My store is really not meant for the timid, wallflower type, but for that certain lady who wants to get noticed when she enters a room and be remembered long after she leaves!" That's what Kim has to say about her store in Missouri City, TX.


I was stuck on her site for a while and I couldn't agree with that statement more! I was so amazed with the uniqueness of everything and how artistic her inventory was! I want to highlight some of my favorite items but first, I have to show you a product photo that is amazing! This photo below looks spectacular! The colors are great, horse and model look great, it's such a beautiful composition! (The dress is also for sale.)

Vintage Collection at Cowgirl Kim's
Then, this next top was under the Vintage Collection, but I thought it could also go with the ever popular gypsy look too!
Cowgirl Kim's Vintage Top
Love the sleeves!

Vintage Top from Cowgirl Kim's
Check out the matching corset and skirt also under the Vintage Collection and the chocolate embroidered jacket by Tasha Polizzi!


Visit Cowgirl Kim's and find your own sassy look!!

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November 19, 2010
100 years old and still riding!

May this video inspire a few of you cowgirls!


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October 4, 2010
Western Feminine Fashion!

Ver'e'ne is a French name meaning spiritual wisdom. Ver'e'ne is also the company that also offers this 100% silk Godiva Blouse. This top will set you back $156 because it's so beautiful and also hand crafted right here in the USA. Check out other tops Ver'e'ne has to offer on their site.


Western Fashion from Ver'e'ne   Western Fashion from Ver'e'ne

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September 30, 2010

Does your halter get the attention it deserves?

It will when you purchase one of these stylish halters made by red haute horse™

I will start with the "Holiday Halters" since Halloween is coming up!


red haute horse holiday halterred haute horse holiday halter
red haute horse holiday halterred haute horse holiday halter
red haute horse holiday halter red haute horse halter
Cookie has this pink/green flower halter! (Top right.)
red haute horse halterred haute horse halter
red haute horse halter red haute horse halter
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September 26, 2010

Keep your horse warm and in style!

This is one of the coolest blankets I've ever seen! It is so fun and if you have a sassy horse, this blanket is for them! Purchase the Cowgirl Fever Tattoo horse blanket at: A Bit of Tack, Arcola Feeds or Deuces Wild


Ozark Tattoo Winter Horse Blanket

Sarah Madsen, owner of A Bit of Tack assured me that the booth was only a little sample of the real store in Verndale, MN! Here are a few pics of the booth.
Horse Bridles and Breast Collars
These riding socks would make a cute gift to a friend!
Riding Socks
I also thought these looked really comfortable!
Justin Flip Flops with bling

I had another great find at Erin Schussler's booth, Purse and Such.
I purchased two cute military hats for $16! (each)
Military Caps with heart shape and bling!
A small sample of the purse collection.
Purses and Such


I then met a great first time vendor, Rockin Rhinestones and owner Anna Mattson.
(She is pictured below on right.)
I kept halting their set-up because I was asking so many questions about all of her cool stuff! She's working on a facebook and I'll link to it ASAP! For now you can email her at Ride_N_Slide8@hotmail.com (See product pics below)
Rockin Rhinestones and Anna Mattson
This is the bracelet that really caught my attention!
Skull and Rose Bracelet
She makes her own blingin sunglasses!
Rockin Rhinestone's Sunglasses
Bracelets were $20 or 3 for $55!
More bracelet selection!
What a cool bucking horse ring!
Bucking Bronco Ring

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September 24, 2010
Cripple Creek Studded Lamb Nappa Leather Jacket

I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I get on this jacket! EVERY time I wear it, I get compliments. It's my all time favorite and I'll keep it for my future grandkids! That's just an idea of how long I'm going to keep it!
It's on sale at Sheplers right now!

Cripple Creek Black Leather Studded Zipper jacket

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September 17, 2010
Seventeenflat.com Pop-Up Barrels & Martha Josey DVD's

To bring you up to speed I have entered my horse Cookie in Barrels and Pole Weaving at the APHA WORLD Show! Yes, the show that's a month and a half away and no, we haven't ran a pattern yet this year! (You're right I'm crazy!) I haven't really ran barrels since I was in 4-H and I need to learn fast and my horse needs to learn fast. It's a no brainer that I need some knowledge and barrels. I don't have any time to spare so I had to go right to one of the industry's best and I ordered Pop-Up barrels from Martha Josey along with two of her DVD's. The Pop-Up Barrels are made by Seventeenflat.com | Visit Martha Josey's site here!


View the products in the video below and follow my crazy journey to the APHA World Show and see how this pans out at www.mnmbaus.com


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August 18, 2010

Winnie's Cookies

Order your complimentary cookies today at www.winniescookies.com


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July 19, 2010

Custom Cowgirl Necklaces



Custom Cowgirl Necklaces

Cosmo Cowgirl
Sami Jo Creations
Blackhorse Beads

If you make custom necklaces, contact me at info@cowgirlmall.com
Tell me a little about yourself, send photos and contact info. 

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July 12, 2010

Horseshoe Stand


To purchase the horseshoe stand below Click Here

Horseshoe Stand  Horseshoe Jewelry Stand
Horseshoe Hat Stand  Horseshoe Cowboy Hat Stand

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July 5, 2010

däv cheetah boots


To order the boots from the video click HERE or

visit däv to find the boot style for you!

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June 28, 2010

Bunkhouse Bling Tees


Find your Bunkhouse Bling Tee Here

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June 23, 2010

Country Girl & Country Boy Brand Reality Show

Country Girl & Country Boy Brand joins up with the creators of Jersey Shore to start a new reality show called Party Down South. They are doing casting calls if ya'll are interested, click here for info

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June 21, 2010

Cowgirl Mud Lotion

Cowgirl Mall fans, we need to track down this company!!
If you sell this product in your store and would like to be listed
as a seller on cowgirlmall.com please contact me at info@cowgirlmall.com

If you have used this brand of lotion or spray I would also love to hear from you!
I love it!


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June 19, 2010
How can a cowgirl not love the words to this song?

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June 17, 2010

I'll never look at money the same...


A well-worn one-dollar bill and a twenty-dollar bill arrived at a Federal Reserve Bank to be retired. As they moved along the conveyor belt to be burned, they struck up a conversation. The twenty-dollar bill reminisced about its travels all over the country.

"I've had a pretty good life," the twenty proclaimed. "Why I've been to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the finest restaurants in New York, performances on Broadway, and even a cruise to the Caribbean!"

"Wow" said the one-dollar bill, "You've really had an exciting life!"
"So tell me," says the twenty, "where have you been throughout your lifetime?"

The one dollar bill replies, "Oh, I've been to the Methodist Church, the Baptist Church, the Lutheran Church..."

The twenty-dollar bill interrupts, "What's a church?"

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June 17, 2010

This is so adorable!


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June 15, 2010

The REAL Trigger is going to be auctioned off!!! Oh no!


One of my favorite memories last year was visiting Branson, MO! When I found out my girlfriend was getting married and it was going to be in Branson I freaked out! Branson, MO is the location of the Roy Rogers Dale Evans Museum!


I was so excited about this that my husband and I left a day early, before all the wedding preparations. We were able to stay at a motel located directly across the road from the museum! I was going to make sure we saw Trigger!


The museum had a wall dedicated to fan photos. If you sent in a photo of you and your horse, they would post it on this wall. I was going to do that with Cookie :'-(
I guess I will always have my Trigger photo and mug.


Here are some photos from that trip.

Roy Rogers Museum Roy Rogers Museum with Trigger Roy Rogers Grandson
Check out more photos from the trip on facebook
(Besides the coolest horse, he has the coolest car!)

Details of the Roy Rogers Auction here!

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June 14, 2010

Todd Pearsall of Topline Equine Care Products 2010


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June 13, 2010



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